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  1. Episode 5: Deploying Wearables in the Workplace

    Since the release of the Fitbit activity tracker in 2009, wearable technology has taken the market by storm as top brands like Apple, Microsoft and even Nike consistently release more and more wearable products to a consumer base hungry for the latest lifestyle tech. But what potential do these devices ...


  2. Episode 4: What’s ProServices and Why Does It Matter?

    Rugged devices are reliable and sturdy, but what makes them even stronger is the product planning, deployment, security, repair and replacement services behind them. In this episode Host Barry Ross, senior product and marketing manager at Panasonic, and Walt Chantlos, national sales manager at Panasonic ProServices, discuss the importance of ...


  3. Episode 3: Let’s Talk Global Connectivity

    Getting wireless connectivity isn’t as easy as it should be for mobile workers – that is, until P.180 was born. In this episode, Host Barry Ross, senior product and marketing manager at Panasonic, speaks with Mary Beth Hall, Panasonic’s director of wireless strategy, about wireless connectivity pain points and the ...


  4. Episode 2: Redefining Work With the TOUGHBOOK 55

    Released in early September, the TOUGHBOOK 55 is the latest rugged laptop from Panasonic bringing unprecedented battery life, modularity and customizability to customers. In this episode, Host Craig Jackowski, group manager of product management at Panasonic, invites Anthony Mungiello, senior product manager at Panasonic, to discuss how the TOUGHBOOK 55 ...


  5. Episode 1: What Do You Really Know About 5G?

    Over the past year, 5G connectivity has taken center stage as leaders in the telecommunications space jockey for market share, fueling excitement around the idea of a faster, stronger, more powerful generation of wireless. But what does 5G really mean? In this episode, Host Craig Jackowski, Panasonic’s group manager of ...