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  1. Episode 25: How the Android™ OS Can Benefit Your Business

    Android™ is the open-source operating system that gives customers the flexibility and customizability they need to effectively conduct business. Despite the brand’s consumer success with its smartphone line, this multi-faceted B2B approach is equally strong, and is already the OS of choice for business leaders across a multitude ...


  2. Episode 24: Microsoft Windows for the Enterprise – An Evolution

        With over 88% market share according to Net Applications, Windows is the popular desktop operating system that consumers and businesses alike have been using for years. Microsoft’s Windows 10 has continued the legacy, with organizations across industries relying on the OS for its stability, ...


  3. Episode 23: Diving Deep – The Technology Behind Deep-Sea Exploration

    Although the ocean covers 70% of the earth’s surface, more than 90% of it remains unexplored, lying more than 2.5 miles beneath sea level. Deep-sea exploration can change the way we see our world, taking us to the wreckage of the Titanic or facilitating the discovery of a ...


  4. Episode 22: FirstNet Changes the Game for Emergency Response

    As emergency personnel rushed to the scene on 9/11in New York City, they found themselves unable to communicate as a result of cellular network congestion, preventing the interoperability and connectivity they needed. In the years following, first responders found themselves dealing with this same issue time and time ...


  5. Episode 21: If Cybersecurity Is the New Battlefield, How Can We Protect Ourselves?

    Pew Research Center cites that 77% of employees use their personal devices at work regardless of their employer’s policies. But this intersection of personal and work devices continues to pose cybersecurity risks in a world already plagued by malware attacks, which could cost an estimated $6 trillion annually ...