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Listen as our hosts dive into the future of tech innovation and its impact across industries.
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  1. Episode 10: Tech Powers Our Lives, But Can It Power Our Finances, Too?

    In its early days, financial technology – or fintech – focused on monetizing technologies and value-added services for the financial industry. But since its inception, fintech has ultimately reinvented the way we handle our money, our business operations and our daily routines. Now, we are able to make payments with ...


  2. Episode 9: What Does Your Business Need From Strategic Partnerships?

    As technological innovation continues to change the way we work, new devices and software are permeating organizational strategy and value-creation models. In turn, executives are adapting by forging strategic, effective partnerships to drive business growth and achieve their goals. But what partners does your business really need? Are you making ...


  3. Episode 8: In a Crisis, How Can Tech Help?

    In any crisis – whether it’s a natural disaster, a terror attack or an industrial catastrophe – every second counts. This year, hundreds of first responders and industry partners will gather at the third annual Operation Convergent Response (OCR) event in Georgia where attendees can engage in interactive disaster scenarios ...


  4. Episode 7: How Are Millennials Impacting the Workforce?

    Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce. As they increasingly enter decision making roles, businesses are figuring out new ways to adapt to the needs, wants and skillsets of this new generation, which expects constant connectivity and the latest technology at their fingertips. In this episode, Host Susan ...


  5. Episode 6: Defining the Mobile Workforce – Who They Are & What They Need

    When laptops first came onto the market decades ago, they enabled workers to move freely amongst offices and buildings without leaving their work behind – something they hadn’t been able to do before. Fast forward twenty years, and mobility has advanced even further, with tablets, handhelds, cell phones and more ...