Rugged Rants

Episode 14: How to Use Tech Advancements to Boost Your Career

Remember analog TVs? It took years to transition from analog to digital cable, but today, new technology is changing the way we live and work at a faster pace than we’ve ever seen – and this is especially true for the cable and telecom industry. Now, with emerging technologies such as drones, artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality entering the workplace, installers and field technicians in the cable industry are challenged to keep up with the pace of these advancements. Fortunately, training and career courses allow workers to update their skills, and at the same time, help organizations fill vacancies from within. In this episode of RUGGED RANTS, host Susan Campbell speaks with Zenita Henderson, vice president of marketing and business development at SCTE•ISBE, about the importance of reskilling the workforce, benefits of micro-training sessions and how employees can best prepare themselves for future career opportunities.

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