Rugged Rants

Episode 20: What Does Smart Clothing & Foldable Phones Have in Common?

From Tom Brady’s athlete recovery sleepwear to Ralph Lauren’s self-heating jacket, flexible electronics are gaining traction in the retail market. However, this technology is not limited to apparel – foldable smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip along with a host of other bendable, wearable and malleable tech are also part of this increasingly popular electronics category. With their low cost and smart sensing capabilities, flexible electronics have the potential to generate a host of data and analytics that can be applied to other industries. In this episode of RUGGED RANTS, host Barry Ross speaks with Nick DeGaetano, General Manager of Strategic Business Development at Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America, about the use cases for flexible electronics and how this technology helps create a promising future for the retail industry and beyond.

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