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  1. Episode 20: What Do Smart Clothing & Foldable Phones Have in Common?

    From Tom Brady’s athlete recovery sleepwear to Ralph Lauren’s self-heating jacket, flexible electronics are gaining traction in the retail market. However, this technology is not limited to apparel – foldable smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip along with a host of other bendable, wearable and malleable tech are ...


  2. Episode 19: How to Put Customers First in Last Mile Delivery

    Often, the most challenging and expensive part of a product’s journey is in the last mile. As e-commerce retailers like Amazon continue to raise consumer expectations with faster deliveries and real-time visibility into order status, businesses across industries are turning to technology to keep up. However, technology is ...


  3. Episode 18: Next Stop, The E-Mobility Revolution

    Did you know electric vehicles have been around since the early 1900s? While EVs may not be new, the rising popularity of electric mobility, or e-mobility, transportation solutions is. Before Tesla, EVs were clunky vehicles that resembled golf carts in many cases. Today, EVs are increasingly popular with ...


  4. Episode 17: Uncovering Why CX Will Drive Digital Transformation Initiatives

    Businesses today are so focused on integrating digital technologies to transform how they work and serve customers, that they are getting distracted by hype. Many companies are implementing new technologies and tools before they even understand if and how they will solve customers’ pain points. In this episode ...


  5. Episode 16: How Canada’s Nimble Deployment Cycle Is Reshaping Tech Adoption

    Canada’s technology market is similar to the U.S., but smaller and more nimble. As a result, businesses are taking advantage of shorter tech adoption and deployment cycles, and thinking of ways to utilize new technologies to solve customers’ problems. However, adopting new technology isn’t always smooth sailing: Budget, ...